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The 2023 Economic and Social Council operational activities for development segment “has fulfilled its role”, a senior United Nations official observed as the organ concluded its three-day annual meeting, with delegates underscoring the importance of regional approaches and spotlighting the pivotal role of resident coordinators and country teams in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The multiple crises of the last three years have dealt “a major blow” to the Sustainable Development Goals, requiring urgent action in sharing science, technology, innovation and digitalization to bridge that gap between haves and have-nots and ensure not just global progress, but survival, speakers told the Economic and Social Council today as it opened its two-day forum on the subject.


Youth-led and youth-focused initiatives and organizations must be fully supported by Governments, the private sector, and other key partners, with financing, mentorship, skills training, capacity-building, and safe spaces to ensure achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, speakers told the Economic and Social Council’s annual Youth Forum today, spotlighting the power of youth in designing solutions to address global challenges.


Young people must be included as equal partners in finding solutions and making decisions about the world’s most pressing challenges, speakers told the Economic and Social Council’s annual Youth Forum today, spotlighting how youth around the world are advancing progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and how the United Nations, Member States and other stakeholders should support their greater meaningful participation.


Amid a backdrop of multidimensional crises exacerbating inequalities and pushing the world’s poorest, most vulnerable countries deeper into debt, the Economic and Social Council opened its annual Financing for Development Forum today with speakers debating how to reform the international financial architecture to effectively close the rich-poor gap and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


​​​​​​​Fair and inclusive tax systems are essential in enhancing developing countries’ efforts to strengthen their financial and fiscal policies and accelerating the green transition, the Economic and Social Council heard today, as members held the 2023 Special Meeting on International Cooperation in Tax Matters.