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Noon Briefings

The International Committee for the Red Cross relocated nearly 300 children from the Mygoma orphanage in Khartoum to a safer location. There the United Nations Children’s Fund is providing support for the children’s medical care, feeding and other needs and is working with authorities to identify foster families.

In Ukraine, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, along with five United Nations agencies and some non-governmental organizations, were in Kherson today to assess the impact of the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam and coordinate the humanitarian response with local organizations and authorities.

The International Renewable Energy Agency, United Nations Statistics Division, World Bank and the World Health Organization released a report showing that basic energy access is lagging even as renewable energy use is growing, with 675 million people still without electricity and 2.3 billion still relying on harmful cooking fuels.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is supporting the Haitian Civil Protection General Directorate in coordinating the emergency response to the devastating floods and landslides that authorities say have killed at least 42 people and impacted more than 37,000 people, including displacing some 19,000 people.

In Yemen, the Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Food Programme warned today that nearly all districts under the Government control are facing high levels of food insecurity. They said that far more programme investments and money is needed until the end of the year.