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Security Council


African Union-led peace support operations need predictable, adequate and sustainable support in light of a demonstrably inadequate current international peace architecture, senior officials from both the United Nations and the African Union told the Council today, as members discussed how best to leverage the latter organization’s regional expertise to address current and future crises in a context-specific manner.


The recent deadly escalation between Israeli security forces and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza was yet another reminder of the volatile security situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the United Nations senior official for Middle East peace told the Security Council today, as members urged parties to observe the recent ceasefire and voiced alarm over the continued violence, settlement activities and inflammatory rhetoric.


The world is failing to live up to its commitments to protect civilians in armed conflict, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned the Security Council today, urging greater respect for international humanitarian law through action and accountability, as speakers, during a day-long open debate, outlined priority action areas for ensuring civilians’ survival, security and dignity.


The continuing military hostilities in Sudan that began on 15 April between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces could have dire consequences for both the country, its people and the region, briefers told the Security Council today, as the members of the 15-nation organ voiced support for the recent seven-day truce, which aims to safeguard civilians and provide humanitarian access.


Preventing the diversion of arms transferred to Ukraine is essential for security and stability in that country and beyond, a senior United Nations disarmament official told the Security Council today, as members alternately called for dialogue over proliferation or underscored Ukraine’s right to defend itself from the permanent member that requested the meeting.


Despite a “very rough road”, Iraq’s Government continues to show resolve in tackling numerous pressing issues it is confronted with, including corruption, poor governance and an overreliance on oil, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today, underscoring the need for parties to prioritize the national interest over partisan concerns and to help sustain an active, empowered civic space.