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Substantial investigative progress has been made into international crimes committed by Da’esh — including through digitization of physical evidence — the head of the United Nations team investigating that group’s crimes told the Security Council today, as speakers highlighted that accountability for Da’esh’s heinous crimes remains an important element of reconciliation in Iraq’s transition from conflict to stability.


The destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant dam in Kherson — the most significant incident of damage to civilian infrastructure since the start of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine — will have grave and far-reaching consequences for thousands of people in southern Ukraine, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator warned the Security Council today, as he updated the 15-member organ on the Organization’s response efforts.


After affirming their commitment last month to a landmark 2015 accord on limiting damage, losses and death from natural and man-made disasters by 2030, Member States gathered once again at the General Assembly Hall today, together with intergovernmental and other organizations, to spotlight how they are working to reduce risk and strengthen resilience, pointing to gaps in capacities and financing amid increasing weather-related disasters.