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Economic and Social Council: Meetings Coverage


The protection of vulnerable groups and the need for system-wide solutions to address inequalities, which had become further entrenched during the pandemic, were recurrent themes in the Commission for Social Development today, as representative of Government discussed ways to renew progress towards eradicating poverty and hunger and galvanizing progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Commission for Social Development held a multi-stakeholder forum today, with panellists who — as leaders of a trade union, farmers association, cooperative alliance, cultural movement and efforts to end violence against women — offered fresh ideas for fixing the broken protection systems that have left the most vulnerable most exposed to deepened hunger and poverty generated by the pandemic.


With the pandemic worsening the plight of those already experiencing multidimensional poverty, and pushing many more people into food insecurity and immiseration, countries must urgently strengthen social protections to ensure an inclusive recovery, United Nations officials emphasized today, as the Commission for Social Development opened its sixtieth session.


With support for the United Nations, the world’s regions are fighting back against a lopsided global COVID-19 recovery, working at the nexus of economic and sustainable development to build their productive capacities, address the climate crisis and reduce the risk of future pandemics, the Economic and Social Council’s coordination segment heard today as it concluded its inaugural session.


Developing countries’ efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic are faltering amid ponderous debt burdens, “vaccine apartheid” and yawning chasms of inequality, said the keynote speaker at the Economic and Social Council’s annual Partnerships Forum today, adding that the wealth of a handful of billionaires is growing exponentially as the world continues to scramble.