While tensions have simmered in recent months due to an inability to address long-standing issues through dialogue, the senior United Nations official in Kosovo told the Security Council today that the establishment of a community of Serb-majority municipalities could provide a solution to normalization, as speakers also urged Belgrade and Pristina to recommit to European Union-facilitated dialogue.


During an era of “profound uncertainty” and as the international rules-based order “is being rigorously tested”, the Head of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) told the Security Council today that belief in the multilateral system is at the core of the regional group’s agenda for 2024, as it focuses on resolving conflicts in the region including the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine.


Amid the current political impasse and rising tensions between Pristina and Belgrade, which have resulted in violence, the international community must urge both sides to foster purposeful and concerted actions towards peaceful resolution, the United Nations top official in Kosovo said today, as representatives asserted differing opinions about the cause of regional instability and the lack of implementation of relevant agreements.