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Security Council: Meetings Coverage


One week ahead of the one-year mark of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, the Security Council met today to discuss the collapse of the Minsk agreements, with several delegates noting that what was once intended to be a blueprint for the 2014 crisis has turned into Moscow’s leverage to limit the sovereignty of Ukraine.


With cycles of conflict becoming more intense, frequent and complex, the global community must prioritize risk assessments that raise red flags about potential violence against children, senior officials told the Security Council today, as members took stock of progress made in implementing their “children in armed conflict” agenda.


Despite international efforts to defeat Da’esh, the group still poses a considerable threat in many parts of the world, senior United Nations officials told the Security Council today, as members stressed the need to complement the relatively blunt instrument of force with more nuanced, context-specific approaches to remedy socioeconomic inequalities in countries awash with terrorism.


There are reasonable grounds to believe that the Syrian Government is responsible for the use of weaponized chlorine gas against residents of the city of Douma in April 2018, the head of the international body responsible for overseeing the global endeavour to eliminate chemical weapons told the Security Council today, as members split on the validity of the investigation on which that conclusion was based.


As the war in Ukraine approaches its one-year anniversary — with profound spillover effects across global food and energy sectors — a critical agreement between the parties to facilitate the safe export of food and fertilizers must be protected and urgently implemented, the United Nations top humanitarian official told the Security Council today, with speakers calling the Black Sea Grain Initiative a rare “beacon of hope against a bleak backdrop”.


In its first three months in office, Iraq’s new Government has shown its commitment to tackle the most pressing challenges facing the country, including endemic corruption, poor public service delivery and high levels of unemployment, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today, while underscoring the need of accountability.