General Assembly


Speakers in the General Assembly today examined the recent use of veto by the United States against an amendment to Security Council resolution 2720 (2023) on Gaza that would have called for “an urgent suspension of hostilities to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access” and for “urgent steps towards a sustainable cessation of hostilities”.


Concluding the main part of its seventy-eighth session, the General Assembly today adopted 28 resolutions and 1 decision, including a $3.59 billion budget for 2024, the establishment of a financing mechanism for the Peacebuilding Fund and the strengthening of a Secretariat office meant to curb the presence of racism in the Organization.


The Arab-Israeli conflict will know no end unless a solution to the Palestinian question is found, otherwise the war will be passed down from generation to generation, the General Assembly heard today, as several delegates also underscored Israel’s right to self-defence within the parameters of international law.


Acting on the recommendations of its Second Committee (Economic and Financial) and Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural), the General Assembly today adopted a total of 99 resolutions and 3 decisions on items ranging from permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people and eradicating poverty to combating glorification of Nazism and plight of refugees.