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Confrontation, unilateral action and interference in the internal affairs of States must yield to dialogue, cooperation and adherence to international law, world leaders stressed today as the General Assembly high-level debate continued, as the shortcomings of the current international system in addressing global challenges are manifest.


Under the shadow of war in Ukraine, world leaders today cast a spotlight on long-standing conflicts in other parts of the world, as the General Assembly continued its annual general debate, with speakers calling for strict adherence to international law and the Charter of the United Nations, while others sounded the alarm on the existential threat of climate change.


The deepening of inequalities and lack of fair representation in multilateral financial and economic institutions is impeding the international community's effective response to global challenges, the General Assembly heard today as it continued its annual general debate, with speakers echoing calls for vaccine equity, climate justice and institutional reform.


Against the backdrop of a world menaced by manifold crises including food and fuel insecurity, financial instability, terrorism and climate change, Heads of State and Ministers from around the world today stressed the urgency of ending the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which threatens Europe and the entire world on multiple levels, as the General Assembly high-level debate entered its second day.


Amidst war in Ukraine, a climate emergency, and conflict and crisis around the globe, Secretary-General António Guterres sounded the alarm on a world in peril and urged leaders gathered for the first day of the annual General Assembly high-level debate today to urgently overcome divisions and act together.


Gathered to pay tribute to the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, General Assembly delegates and senior officials today recognized the seven decades of leadership and service the Queen gave her country, the Commonwealth of Nations and the world, as well as her steadfast belief in multilateralism and the enduring values that inspired the Charter of the United Nations.