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Security Council


Full implementation of the Security Council resolution obligating States to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons remains a long-term task, the Chair of the Committee established pursuant to that text told the 15-nation organ today, as members spotlighted emerging issues that the Committee will need to address over the next 10 years of its mandate.


The brief lull in fighting in north-west Syria — in the wake of February’s devastating earthquakes — is giving way to a creeping rise in shelling exchanges, rocket fire and cross-line raids by terrorist groups, senior United Nations officials warned the Security Council today, while describing “astounding” physical destruction and massive humanitarian needs on the ground.


With the converging Ramadan, Easter and Passover holidays now beginning, the senior United Nations official for Middle East peace urged Palestinians and Israelis to promptly crystalize agreements reached at two recent diplomatic meetings — their first direct talks in years — as he briefed the Security Council today about ongoing violence, expanded settlement activity and escalating rhetoric on both sides.


Support is needed to help Sudan navigate domestic challenges following the signing of an agreement designed to facilitate the nation’s political transition, the top United Nations official in that country told the Security Council today, as the organ’s members discussed how the international community can best assist Sudan during this fragile time.


​​​​​​​While urging one another to end their five-year impasse and unite to counter the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s repeated launchings of ballistic missiles, Security Council members argued over the best approach to accomplish that, as a senior United Nations official briefed the 15-nation organ on Pyongyang’s latest round of projectiles.


Agreements facilitating the export of food and fertilizer from two of the world’s top exporters of these commodities must continue, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council today, as members considered the international ramifications of the year-long war in Ukraine on the eve of the Black Sea Grain Initiative’s expiry.