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International Court of Justice


At a time of worsening conflict and alleged human rights and international law violations, the work of the International Court of Justice and the Human Rights Council has never been more important, Member States said today in the General Assembly as debates concluded for the session on the reports of the two bodies, with several speakers expressing distress over the situation in Gaza.


Member States today reiterated their profound trust in the International Court of Justice's integrity, independence and expertise as the General Assembly resumed its discussion on the matter, with speakers pointing out that the Court’s geographically and topically expanding caseload demonstrates its growing significance.


Meeting concurrently with the Security Council, the General Assembly today elected one judge out of a pool of three candidates for the International Court of Justice in The Hague to serve a term beginning today, 4 November 2022, and ending 5 February 2027.


The General Assembly today adopted a resolution delivering $3.52 million to the Secretary-General to ease global food insecurity by facilitating the implementation of two key initiatives aimed at bringing agricultural commodities from Ukraine and the Russian Federation to world markets and countries in need.  The Assembly also considered the International Court of Justice’s annual report.