The head of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said today that the tragedy in Libya highlights the devastating consequences of extreme weather on fragile States. A new multi-agency report, coordinated by WMO, systematically examines the impact of climate change on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The World Health Organization’s new report noted that, in this decade, almost 500 million people will develop heart disease, obesity, diabetes or other noncommunicable diseases due to physical inactivity. If Governments do not urgently encourage more physical activity, costs for this could reach $27 billion annually.

The United Nations team in Cuba launched a $42 million Plan of Action to support authorities to address the needs of people impacted by Hurricane Ian. The plan is expected to benefit almost 800,000 people and includes $3.7 million repurposed from the team’s funding and an additional $7.8 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund.