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Security Council: Meetings Coverage

The Chairs of the three committees created by the Security Council to enforce its counter-terrorism measures and related sanctions stressed today that coordination between the panels, regular “stocktaking” of their working methods, and strong backing from United Nations Member States were of key importance in ensuring effective and efficient implementation of their respective mandates.
The Security Council this afternoon condemned the recent renewal in fighting in Somalia led by Al-Shabaab and other extremists, which constituted an attempt to remove the legitimate Transitional Federal Government there, and demanded that opposition groups immediately end their offensive, put down their arms, renounce violence and join reconciliation efforts.
One year ago, exactly, Lebanon had been taken “to the brink of civil war and back”, Terje Roed-Larsen told the Security Council today, but, since then, thanks to an agreement between Lebanese political leaders brokered by the Emir of Qatar, the country’s domestic, political and security situation “has improved markedly”.