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The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations today closed its resumed session for 2022, which began on 29 August, approving its report and recommending that the Economic and Social Council grant special consultative status to 173 entities out of the 564 applications it examined.  The Committee deferred 319 requests for further consideration during its ordinary session in 2023, according to Vice-President Mine Ozgul Bilman (Türkiye).


Dire food insecurity in many conflict-affected countries requires both urgent action from the Security Council to prevent and end the violence and increased humanitarian funding from the international community in order to avert catastrophic famine for millions of people, senior United Nations officials told the 15-member organ today.


Gathered to pay tribute to the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, General Assembly delegates and senior officials today recognized the seven decades of leadership and service the Queen gave her country, the Commonwealth of Nations and the world, as well as her steadfast belief in multilateralism and the enduring values that inspired the Charter of the United Nations.


The political process and the prevention of an economic collapse in Syria will not advance meaningfully until violence is curtailed and ultimately ends, the Deputy Special Envoy for that country told the Security Council today, detailing United Nations efforts to address the Syrian peoples’ immediate concerns for safety and security, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance.