In Bangladesh, prior to the anticipated landfall of a cyclone in the southern parts of the country, the World Food Programme (WFP) swiftly dispatched cash assistance to 30,000 families — about 150,000 people — most at risk, as part of WFP’s flagship programme “Anticipatory Action” for climate shocks.


Reforming climate financial systems requires youth engagement, climate justice for vulnerable communities and recognition of Indigenous communities’ role in preserving biodiversity, young leaders told the Economic and Social Council’s annual Youth Forum today. They also urged for the inclusion of youth in building resilient agrifood systems and backing youth-led hunger solutions.


Conflict between warring parties in Sudan is driving a hunger crisis dangerously approaching famine for millions of people, senior United Nations officials warned the Security Council today, calling for an urgent cessation of hostilities before an entire generation is destroyed and the wider region is destabilized.