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Economic and Social Council


As reform of the United Nations development system continues — aiming to reinvigorate and fund a stalled and even backsliding 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — the support of resident coordinator and country teams systems remains crucial in coordinating national policies and action on the ground, speakers today told the Economic and Social Council as it continued its annual operational activities for development session.


As the biggest gathering of the Economic and Social Council Youth Forum of all time concluded today, youth delegates and high-level Government and United Nations officials underscored the vital role of young people in policy and decision-making and their more enhanced engagement in related intergovernmental processes, particularly the upcoming Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals.


Expressing grave concern over recent shocks that are threatening sustainable development worldwide, the Economic and Social Council concluded its Financing for Development Forum today with the adoption of an outcome document aimed at reforming the international financial architecture in order to adapt to global economic changes and expedite progress towards realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.


On the third day of its annual Financing for Development Forum, the Economic and Social Council heard from speakers stressing the need to address structural and financing roadblocks that condemn developing countries to struggle with the multiple crises of climate change, sustainable infrastructure transformation, and international tax cooperation in tackling illicit financial flows.


The Economic and Social Council opened the second day of its annual Financing for Development Forum with a high-level meeting of top global finance officials intent on working collaboratively to help debt-burdened developing countries overcome poverty, climate risks and other challenges to their sustainable development.