Security Council


Briefing on Iraqi progress in fighting terrorism, reducing sectarianism and peacefully transferring power, the United Nations top official for the country stressed, in the Security Council today, the critical importance of international support to the new Government for its efforts to deliver basic services as well as to improve security.


Seven decades into the world’s grand experiment in multilateralism — with the United Nations firmly at its core — a rising tide of nationalism and deepening divisions now threaten to derail strides made in reducing poverty and preventing a cataclysmic world war, the Security Council heard today, as it discussed ways to further strengthen international relations and combat complex global threats.


Describing “fragile but palpable” improvements in Tripoli’s security situation, the top United Nations official in Libya today outlined efforts to support the country’s authorities in tackling rampant terrorism, overcoming its political stalemate and ending the criminal plundering of national wealth that drives millions of Libyans deeper into poverty each day.