Member States Should Commit to Using General Assembly as ‘a Proving Ground for Mulilateralism’, Says Deputy Secretary-General at Close of Session

Following are UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s remarks, delivered on behalf of the Secretary-General, at the closing of the seventy-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York today:

The last year has been another challenging one for the human family.  From conflicts and rising geopolitical mistrust.  To heatwaves, fires and melting sea ice caused by climate chaos.  To rising poverty, inequality, discrimination and injustice.

Throughout it all, the seventy-seventh session of the General Assembly has kept diplomacy, dialogue and debate alive, and worked towards real solutions for people and planet alike.  At every step, this Assembly has benefitted from the stewardship of the President of the seventy-seventh session — Csaba Kőrösi of Hungary — who presided over this session with consummate skill and stewardship.

His leadership exemplified his commitment to “solutions through solidarity, sustainability and science” — including his advocacy of science-based validation of sustainability investments, particularly as it pertains to the environmental crisis engulfing our world.

His work was critical to ensuring a well-coordinated and ambitious UN Water Conference — including the subsequent negotiations among Member States on a resolution to maintain momentum on this issue going forward.

We also appreciate his tireless work leading up to the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in two weeks’ time — a critical event in which global leaders must commit to rescuing the Sustainable Development Goals, our road map to a better future for humanity.

And we deeply appreciate his support on advancing Our Common Agenda.  This includes ensuring vibrant Member State discussions around the Summit of the Future, the Global Digital Compact and the Declaration on Future Generations.

Throughout, we were all enriched by his deep knowledge of the role and function of the United Nations.

Mr. President — on behalf of the entire UN family, thank you for your efforts over the last year.  And we look forward to collaborating with your successor — Dennis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago — to carry this work forward in the coming session.

The United Nations was designed specifically for moments of challenge like the one before us.  Let’s all commit to using this Assembly as a proving ground for multilateralism, to build trust, cohesion and solidarity among Member States, and ensure that we shape solutions that will benefit people and communities around the world.

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