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In Message for Global Humanitarian Overview Launch, Secretary-General Says Funding Lifesaving Operations Offers Hope for Millions of People in Desperate Need

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message on the launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview 2023, in Geneva, Addis Ababa and Riyadh today:

2022 has been a year of extremes.  Conflict brought misery to millions of people.  The war in Ukraine accelerated the global food and energy crises.  Diseases from cholera to COVID-19 claimed lives and disrupted economies.  And the climate crisis is causing deadly drought and unprecedented floods. 

Global hunger reached record levels.  As we end the year, famine looms in five separate places around the world.  And in every crisis, women and girls are last to eat and first to suffer poverty and hunger. 

The United Nations and our humanitarian partners have risen to the challenge, helping to support and protect 157 million people around the world.  From Nepal to South Sudan, we read the signs and took preventive action before crises hit.

We listened to people and communities and tailored our programmes to meet their needs.  We provided more than $2 billion in cash assistance, so people in crisis situations could at least make their own spending decisions.

Donors were generous, giving close to $24 billion.  But needs still outpaced spending, creating a funding gap of 60 per cent.  Humanitarian demands are projected to continue increasing next year.  In 2023, we forecast some 339 million people will need humanitarian aid and protection — an increase of 65 million since the beginning of 2022. 

The 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview calls for $51.5 billion to bring life-saving support to 230 million of the most vulnerable people.  Funding these lifesaving operations is a source of hope for millions of people in desperate need.  Thank you for your support.

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