Secretary-General, Addressing UN Global Service Centre, Hails Its Collaborative Action, Life-Saving Impact in Some of World’s Most Dangerous Places

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks at the United Nations Global Service Centre, in Brindisi today: 

Vice Primo Ministro e Ministro degli Affari Esteri Tajani,

Sindaco Marchionna, Governatore Emiliano,

Illustri ospiti, signore e signori.

È meraviglioso essere di nuovo a Brindisi.

Permettetemi di iniziare ringraziando il governo e la popolazione di Brindisi per il vostro caloroso benvenuto.

E ringrazio l’Italia per essere un così buon amico, alleato e ospite delle Nazioni Unite.

La bandiera delle Nazioni Unite sventola con orgoglio, da Brindisi a Roma, a Firenze, Torino, Trieste, Venezia e oltre.

Il fatto che l’Italia ospiti questa settimana il Vertice del G7 è un altro esempio del suo impegno per la solidarietà e le soluzioni globali.

Nei tempi difficili di oggi, il mondo ha bisogno che tutti i Paesi si facciano avanti e facciano la loro parte per forgiare un futuro pacifico e sostenibile per tutti.

Lo vediamo in tutta la sua evidenza qui a Brindisi.

Grazie mille.

I am proud to join you in celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the United Nations Global Service Centre.  This Centre is a beacon of service in a troubled world.  And we see example after example of this spirit of service in action.

In the five years since my last visit, the dedicated staff here — and in Valencia — have continued to support peacekeeping operations in challenging circumstances.  You ensured business continuity for the UN during the COVID-19 pandemic — while supporting over 300 medical evacuations by air and contributing to the deployment of vaccines to 73 countries around the world.  You provided life-saving supplies to people facing disasters and conflicts — from the earthquakes in Türkiye, Syria and Morocco, to the devastating conflicts in Sudan, Gaza and elsewhere.

You’ve helped carry out the effective drawdown and closure of large UN missions — including in Darfur and Mali — and supported the UN agencies that continue to maintain a presence there.  The technical advice, mapping services, innovative health delivery, and data analysis you enable also support the UN system’s broader development efforts.  And you continue to lead the way on green solutions and operations.  I salute your achievement of operating on 100 per cent renewable energy sources.

At every step, you’re building on this legacy of leadership and results with more investments in innovation, data, information and communication technologies, and supply chain and logistical improvements.

And critically, this Centre is an example of the “One UN” approach — bringing together multiple UN organizations under one roof and expanding ties with key partners like the African Union, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Global challenges demand global solidarity.  This Centre represents the very best of this spirit. We will continue to rely on your services and expertise as we move forward on key initiatives, like the New Agenda for Peace, and support new approaches to peace operations.

The world is not standing still.  But neither are the women and men of the United Nations.  Never forget that the work that you do here is having a life-saving impact in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous places.  You’re making the world a better place.  And you’re demonstrating the fundamental values of action and results through solidarity and collaboration.

Thank you all for building on the incredible 30-year legacy of this service centre.  And thanks again to Brindisi and Italy for hosting us, and for being steadfast friends and allies of the United Nations.

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