9680th Meeting (AM)

Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Mission to Support Hudaydah Agreement for 12 Months, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2742 (2024)

The Security Council today decided to extend, until 14 July 2025, the mandate of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA), which was established on 16 January 2019 following intra-Yemeni peace consultations held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2742 (2024) (to be issued as document S/RES/2742(2024)), the Council also requested the Secretary-General to report monthly on progress regarding its implementation and to present to the organ a further review of UNMHA at least one month before its mandate is due to expire.  Through the text, the Council additionally expressed its intention to review UNMHA’s mandate and make any necessary adjustments as may be required by developments on the ground, including a durable nationwide ceasefire.

Speaking after the vote, the representative of the United Kingdom underlined the Mission’s important role in maintaining critical commercial and humanitarian routes into the ports of Hudaydah, Salif and Ras Issa, as well as in supporting the demilitarization of those ports.  Welcoming the Council’s “show of unity” in adopting a 12-month mandate renewal, she said:  “This sends a clear message on the continued importance of the ceasefire in Hudaydah and the work to preserve it.”  She underscored, however, that continued Houthi restrictions on the Mission’s movement — as well as the proliferation of weapons in Hudaydah — must end.

The representative of the United States said that the resolution will allow the Mission to continue its patrols of Red Sea ports, also noting the need to monitor conflict-affected districts in the Hudaydah governorate.  Condemning the Houthis’ “wanton” attacks on international shipping, she stressed the importance of implementing resolution 2722 (2024) and expressed concern over the Iranian origin of weapons used by the Houthis.

“While Iran denies these violations, its own State-affiliated media has touted the country’s supply of prohibited ballistic-missile technology to the Houthis,” she said, adding that UN experts have confirmed this.  Calling on Iran to stop illegal weapons transfers, she also voiced concern over the Houthis’ detention of 45 UN and non-governmental organization staff.

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