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Security Council Sanctions Committee Concerning Democratic Republic of Congo Discusses Group of Experts’ Final Report with Regional, Other Interested Member States

On 15 July 2022, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) invited regional and other interested Member States to discuss the Group of Experts’ final report (document S/2022/479).

During the meeting, the Coordinator of the Group of Experts provided an overview of the findings and recommendations contained in the Group’s report as well as an update since the report was issued on 14 June 2022.

Following the Coordinator’s briefing, members of the Committee and representatives of regional States, including DRC, exchanged views regarding the findings contained in the final report and the update.  The severity of the humanitarian situation in eastern DRC, continued violations of human rights and international humanitarian law and the resurgence of the sanctioned armed group M23 [March 23 Movement] were discussed as points of particular concern.

Member States highlighted efforts by the DRC and regional States, including through the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, to address the fighting in eastern DRC and its potentially destabilizing impact on the country and the region.  The illicit exploitation of natural resources in eastern DRC and hate speech were also cited as factors fuelling conflict that needed to be addressed. Committee members and regional States also exchanged views on the arms embargo notification requirements which had been eased on 30 June 2022 with the adoption of resolution 2641 (2022).

Member States welcomed the opportunity to discuss the findings of the final report with the Committee and expressed appreciation to the Coordinator for the briefing.

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