9092nd Meeting (AM)

Security Council Extends Measures against Illicit Petroleum Exports from Libya, Panel of Experts’ Mandate, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2644 (2022)

The Security Council today extended the authorization of measures against the illicit export of petroleum products from Libya in addition to the mandate of the panel of experts helping to oversee them, also expressing concern over continuing violations of the arms embargo imposed on that country and demanding compliance with that prohibition.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2644 (2022) (to be issued as document S/RES/2644(2022)), the 15-member Council, acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, decided to extend the authorization of its previously imposed measures against the illicit export of crude oil and other petroleum products from Libya until 30 October 2023.  Also expressing serious concern over continued violations of the arms embargo it imposed in February 2011, the Council demanded full compliance by all Member States therewith and called on the same not to intervene in the conflict in the North African country.

Further, the Council called on all parties to fully implement the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva on 23 October 2020 and urged Member States to respect and support such implementation, including through the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.  It also called on Member States to report to the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya on the actions they have taken to effectively implement the travel-ban and asset-freeze measures in relation to all individuals on the sanctions list.

Through the resolution, the Council also renewed the mandate of the Panel of Experts assisting the Committee until 15 November 2023 and decided that the Panel shall submit an interim report on its work no later than 15 March 2023, followed by a final report no later than 15 September 2023 with its findings and recommendations.  Relatedly, it called on all parties and States to ensure the safety of the Panel’s members and to provide unhindered and immediate access, in particular to persons, documents and sites the Panel deems relevant to the execution of its mandate.

The meeting began at 10:15 a.m. and ended at 10:17 a.m.

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