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‘By Moving at Jet Speed’, International Civil Aviation Organization Can Speed Up Clean Energy Revolution, Secretary-General Tells Conference

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message to the third International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels, in Dubai today:

Let me begin by saluting last year’s decision by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Assembly to adopt a collective net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

Reaching this bold target will be a massive task.  Last year, the aviation sector accounted for 2 per cent of global emissions.  It’s one of the most challenging sectors to decarbonize.

But with innovation and investment, it can be done. A net-zero aviation sector means adopting clean energy sources on a global scale.  It means economic policies and regulations that can support a just and equitable transition while attracting investors.  And it means measures such as carbon pricing, low-carbon fuel standards and subsidies for sustainable aviation fuels.

The global framework emerging from this conference on aviation and alternative fuels is a critical step towards a clean and prosperous future for this vital sector.  By moving at jet speed, you can speed-up the clean energy revolution our world needs.

With the upcoming COP28 [twenty-eighth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] meeting around the corner, now is the time to turn ambition into concrete action, find ways to deliver on your net-zero target, and shape a better, cleaner future for all.

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