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Foundation Makes New Commitment to Leverage Another $1 Billion

NEW YORK, 11 October (UNFIP) –- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced last night that the United Nations Foundation has delivered $1 billion of new and additional resources to the United Nations and UN causes.  The milestone was marked at the annual United Nations Association-USA dinner –- the same occasion at which, nine years ago, Ted Turner made his unprecedented pledge to donate $1 billion to United Nations causes and to raise additional funds through partnership efforts.  The Foundation also announced tonight that it intends to use the remaining $400 million of Turner’s gift to leverage another $1 billion in support of United Nations causes over the coming years.

The Foundation (and its sister organization, the Better World Fund) has donated over $600 million from founder Ted Turner and over $400 million from individuals, corporations, Governments, and non-governmental organizations to programs that address key global challenges in four areas:  children’s health, environment, women and population, peace, security and human rights. The United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) facilitates the Foundation’s work within the United Nations system.

In prepared remarks, the Secretary-General said:  “Ted’s gift was a tremendous financial boost for our organization.  More than that, it has helped the UN to change -- to become a partnership organization, something that has been a top priority of mine.  … But, Ted’s act was perhaps most important for the message it sent to his fellow Americans, his fellow businessmen and women, and to the world.  Here was an iconic businessman standing up for the United Nations, and saying to the world that the UN and its work were worthy of support.”

Turner, Chairman of the UN Foundation’s Board of Directors, said:  “As we are seeing all across the globe, the UN works -– for the world’s poor, for peace, for progress and for human rights and justice.  That’s why I’ve always believed in the UN.  That’s why I’ve always supported the UN.  And that’s why I set up the UN Foundation.”

“In fact,” Turner added, “One of the great legacies of Kofi Annan’s tenure at the UN has been his embrace of the private sector and civil society – his efforts to transform the United Nations into a partnership organization.  Kofi Annan recognizes that interdependence is the driving force of our time.  He knows that in an interconnected global economy, we all have a stake -– moral and material –- in peace and security.  Together with the Secretary-General, the Foundation’s leadership, and our diverse and international board, this organization has worked tirelessly to campaign for solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.  It is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation, said:  “Nearly 10 years ago, no one knew what this experiment in global philanthropy could do or how involved Ted would be.  In fact, he has donated generously not only of his money, but his time.  Few realize that Ted also announced that he would lead comprehensive efforts to get others involved in the UN’s work -– and the results show that he has succeeded here as well.  With his support and his commitment to the UN, we’ve been able to put together partnerships that include some of the world’s largest companies and leading charities including the American Red Cross, Coca-Cola, Expedia, Global Fund, Nike, Rotary International and Vodafone.  Without him, none of this would have been possible and we’re looking forward to working with him and the UN to deliver the next billion to UN causes.”

The United Nations Foundation was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner’s historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities.  The United Nations Foundation builds and implements public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and also works to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach.  The United Nations Foundation is a public charity.  For a complete listing of the Foundation grants and programs or to learn more about the United Nations Foundation, visit

The United Nations Office for Partnerships promotes new United Nations partnerships and alliances worldwide.  It offers a “one-stop” service for partnership opportunities with the United Nations family.  It encompasses UNFIP, the office established by Secretary-General Kofi Annan in March 1998, as an autonomous trust fund set up to serve as the interface between the United Nations system and the United Nations Foundation.  For more information of the work of UNFIP, visit

For more information contact Camilla Schippa, Chief of Office, UNFIP at, tel. 212 963 3441; or Katherine Miller, Communications Director, United Nations Foundation at, tel. 202 778 1622.

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