These are the remarks of Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali at a diner given by Mayor Rudolph Guiliani of New York City for heads of State and government at the World Trade Centre on 21 October:


I am here to pay tribute to New York City, the home of the United Nations.

And I salute New York City's welcome to the heads of State and government who have come form all over the world for this fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations.

Mayor Guiliani, we are grateful to you. Every day of the year you and your marvellous city play host to the United Nations.

Tonight you are host to all the world. This wonderful dinner, in this spectacular World Trade Centre, warmly symbolizes the deep association of this great world city with the world Organization.

Let me put it even more intimately. The United Nations and New York have had a love affair. Our love affair was celebrated by a marriage. Every marriage of 50 years needs work, and our marriage has endured.

Why? Because we have so much in common. The people of New York represent almost as many nationalities as are represented in the United Nations. We both love the rich ethnic, cultural, linguistic, intellectual and artistic diversity of this city.

We have other interests in common. New York City is a place of endless talk. So is the United Nations. We argue. We debate. We love the dialogue about ourselves and the world. But we are not just talkers. We are also doers. This common interest also binds us together.

New York is the capital of world commerce and culture. The United Nations is the capital of world diplomacy. The United Nations welcomes the thousands upon thousands of visitors from all over America and every part of the globe who come here to see us. They learn about the crucial work the United Nations is doing to make the world a better place. And in coming here they learn to know and love New York City. So we have this in common as well.

There are many divorces. Sometimes the reasons are emotional. Sometimes they are financial. Sometimes a foolish temptation takes command. But we will not let this happen to us. Sharing 50 years together has made this marriage strong. The marriage of New York City and the United Nations is destined to endure. We have been together for half a century. Half a century from now we will, I am confident, celebrate our 100 anniversary in the midst of a bright and beautiful future.

Thank you Mayor Guiliani for this wonderful evening. And thank you, leaders of the nations of the world, for demonstrating your commitment to the United Nations by your presence here.



* *** *

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