The following statement was originally issued in Spanish yesterday, 16 October, by the United Nations moderator of the peace negotiations between the Government of Guatemala and the Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG):

Another round of negotiations between the Government of Guatemala and the URNG ended on Saturday, 14 October, in the city of Querétaro Mexico, on the item "Socio-economic aspects and agrarian situation". This round of negotiations was devoted to the sub-item "State management in socio-economic development".

Previously, as part of the item on socio-economic aspects and agrarian situation, the two parties made some progress in their consideration of the sub-items on agrarian situation and on social development and government services.

As arranged, the delegations of the Government of Guatemala and URNG will continue their discussion of this broad item from 26 to 29 October, with the moderation of the United Nations, and will begin their consideration of the sub-item "Fiscal reform". In the hopes of reaching an agreement as soon as possible, the delegations have also decided to hold rounds of negotiations in November.

The two parties and the United Nations thank the Government of Mexico for its generous hospitality and unswerving support in the quest for a political solution to the armed conflict and for a firm and lasting peace in Guatemala.


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