Following is the text of a statement issued today by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali:

I have learned with concern that a meeting of staff yesterday included consideration of certain job actions that would disrupt the work of the United Nations. This is particularly disappointing when the Organization is scheduled to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary.

I understand that the measures I was obliged to take to deal with the unprecedented cash-flow crisis, combined with the financial uncertainty of the United Nations, have caused concern. Some of these concerns appear to be based on misinformation.

It is imperative that I, and the Member States, can continue to rely on the experience and dedication of the staff in recognizing the realities of the current grave financial situation and the difficult decisions that I face as Secretary-General, with the final responsibility for managing this Organization. As in the past, I will act in the best interests of this Organization. I am confident that I can count on the cooperation of staff.

In the months ahead discussions will take place with Member States on the proposed programme budget for 1996-1997. Member States are facing their own financial difficulties. Some have introduced cutbacks in their own public sectors. We in the United Nations must be more vigilant than ever with the funds entrusted to us, and find ways to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness.

Organizational performance must be improved. Mandates set by Member States must be delivered in an effective and timely manner. The new goal and work-based performance appraisal system, introduced this month, is key to a performance and output-oriented Secretariat. It also provides a means for appropriate recognition of individual staff performance. These are essential objectives which all must share.

I have repeatedly recognized the staff to be this Organization's most valuable asset. I remain convinced that I can rely on the continued support and dedication of the men and women who serve the United Nations. I call on staff union representatives to focus on the very real challenges before the Organization and to continue the tradition of communication with my senior management representatives. Specifically, I would request that they consider the proposals made by my senior management representatives last Friday, 6 October, in response to expressed staff concerns.


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